Maroof is an Arabian Faris (knight) from the city of Aleppo renowned for his

fight against the Byzantines and the crusaders, still, this was not his lifelong

objective. Rather, he prefers to spend his time in his library where he enjoys

reading and contemplating the world around him.

Unfortunately, Maroof was captured by a lifelong enemy, Botometus the

Byzantine, who incarcerated him in the island of Cyprus.

Maroof’s real journey starts when he is rescued by his new-friend Ali, a daring

warrior from the land of Egypt.   

                                    Their journey home will be an extraordinary adventure

                                    that will take them across the seas and through the land, into the caves and                                               over the mountains, where they will fight villains, make friends, discover the ruins                                           of great bygone civilizations and uncover unimaginable secrets that will change                                             the meaning behind their lives, and the lives of those around them, for good.